Soldering Equipment, Melting Pots and Butane Heat Guns

Melting Pots and Hot Plates

16 lb. Capacity

25 lb, 32A, and 32B. Small Rectangular Melting Pot

59 lb. Square Solder Pot and Adjustable Board Gripper

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Rectangular Melting / Solder Pots

Square and rectangular solder pots are equipped with an analog thermostat control with a range of 0 - 600 degrees F (+/- 15 F) (16 lb. and 32 lb. units 0 - 650 F)

These melting pots are designed for melting "soft" metals such as solder, lead, babbitt, zinc, and pewter. The shape and size of these pots is ideal for low-volume printed circuit board soldering. Using the adjustable board gripper, PCBs can be fully soldered in less than 5 seconds!

Product Price
Adjustable Board Gripper $295.00 Add to Cart
16 lb. Capacity, 5.75" x 5.25" x 2", with cover $756.00 Add to Cart
25 lb. capacity, with cover, 5.3" x 9.3" x 2.5" deep, 120V, 400 watt/120V $847.00 Add to Cart
32 lb., 11.75 X 5.37 X 2.5 - Model A, 550 Watts/120V $825.00 Add to Cart
59 lb. capacity, 14" x 14" x 1.75" deep, 120V $1858.00 Add to Cart