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Micro-Therm Heat Gun

This automatic piezo-ignition heat gun is completely portable and is fueled by a standard butane lighter or refillable fuel cell. A heat reflector is included, making this the ideal tool for small heat-shrink jobs.

- Automatic piezo ignition
- 650 C flameless heat
- Heat reflector included
- Refillable fuel cell included

Possible Applications:

- General heating and drying applications
- Activate adhesives and potting compounds
- Bend and form plastics and plastic laminates
- PVC bending
- Preheat flux
- Remove windshield caulking
- Shrink and terminate heat-shrinkable insulated solder preforms
- Shrink heat-shrinkable anti-static film tubes, molded parts light gauge shrink package, light wall and adhesive lined tubings.
- Stretch vinyls
- Vinyl repair
- Thawing frozen locks

Product Price
Micro-Therm automatic ignition heat gun, includes fuel cell and heat reflector $22.95 Add to Cart
Micro-Therm heat gun with 62 pc. solder seal and heat-shrink tubing assortment, in storage case $55.00 Add to Cart
Micro-Therm heat gun with crimping tool and 60 pc. heat shrink terminal assortment, in storage case $74.50 Add to Cart
Refillable fuel cells (2) $5.00 Add to Cart