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PT-500 Heavy Duty Butane Torch

The Heavy Duty PT-500 provides the most powerful and stable butane flame available for demanding jobs where the highest BTU output is required. Its precision orifice and controls offer the best there is in a high output butane tool. The ergonomic grip makes using the PT-500 comfortable at most any angle. PT-500 was designed with features to withstand the rigors of daily professional use.

- State of the art Waterproof Piezo Electronic Ignition System.
- Large fuel tank for up to 200 min use on each filling.
- Powerful High Output Wind-Resistant Flame.
- Ergonomically Designed Comfort Grip
- Adjustable high output flame.
- Angled Nozzle for comfortable use in any position.
- Super Hot... 1300 degrees Celcius!

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