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Large Wax Melters - Hot Air Convection Pots

CONVECTION HOT AIR MELTERS with stainless steel interiors are designed and built to safely melt "soft" materials that liquefy at temperatures up to 250F. These include candle wax, bees wax, honey, palm and vegetable wax, gels, and soap. This exclusive air convection heating system heats evenly and quickly, like a convection oven.

Think of it as an "air-jacket melter" -- much cooler, safer, and economical than water jacket melters.

- A thermostat maintains constant even wax temperature
- All models are fully insulated, providing a cool exterior and energy savings
- All models can be set up to 220F for gel wax
- Heat-up time is usually two hours
- Heater elements are guaranteed for one year
- All models include a heated valve and top cover
- Heater elements are easily replaced
- No dangerously hot exterior surfaces to watch out for


- Stainless steel plumbing instead of bronze for use with soap, add $75.00
- 2-hr preheat timer so pot is ready when you are $175.00

Product Price
10 gal. / 70 lb. capacity, Inside Dimensions: 16 " dia. x 12" deep, 120V (14.1 AMPS) $2100.00 Add to Cart
Slab Melter - 10 slab / 105 lb. capacity, Inside Dimensions: 21" x 14" x 12" deep, 120V $2200.00 Add to Cart
20 gal. / 140 lb. capacity, 2650 Watts/12 Amps Inside Dimensions: 19" dia. x 18" deep, 240V (3 week lead time) $2300.00 Add to Cart
Stainless Steel Plumbing for Soap, Bee's Wax, or Soy $75.00 Add to Cart