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Micro-Jet Cigar Gift Set

The Micro-Jet is a portable, palm-sized torch with automatic piezo ignition, powered by the included refillable fuel cell or by readily available disposable butane lighters.

- Automatic Piezo Ignition
- Complete Portability
- Windproof Ignition for Outdoor Use
- Flame Temperature up to 2500 F / 1300 C

Cigar Gift Set includes:
- MJ-300 Black Pearl styling or MJ-500 (front trigger) Woodgrain styling
- Cigar Cutter
- 2-Compartment Leather Cigar Flute
(Sorry, cigars not included)

Product Price
MJ-300 Black Pearl, Black Leather Cigar Flute $43.95 Add to Cart
MJ-500 (Front Trigger) Woodgrain, Brown Leather Cigar Flute $43.95 Add to Cart