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Solder Pro 180

Solder Pro 180 + Accessory Kit

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Solder Pro 180

The most powerful, portable multi-function heat tool anywhere!

This automatic ignition heavy-duty Solder Pro gun is fueled by Liquid Energy Cell technology and offers the power of a 185 Watt soldering iron and a 2500 F torch in one convenient, protable tool. The soft-touch grip, self-standing design, one hand controls and angled head make The Solder Pro 180 a joy to use in the field or at the workstation.

- 30W - 185W power range
- Soldering iron and torch functions
- Soft touch grip
- No cords, can be used anywhere
- 2 hours run time on each refillable LEC
- 2 Refillable LECs included
- Ready to use 30 seconds after ignition
- Includes soldering and blow torch tips

Product Price
Heavy-duty heat tool, includes soldering and blow torch tips, 2 LECs $94.50 Add to Cart
Heavy-duty heat tool with accessory kit, includes soldering, blow torch, heat blower, and heat reflector tips, 2 LECs, spare orifice, cleaning brush, soldering accessories, wire cutter, and solder sucker tools, all in carry case. This is THE Mac-Daddy! $159.00 Add to Cart
Hot Knife Tip $18.75 Add to Cart
Heat Reflector Tip $10.00 Add to Cart
2 Spare LEC's $14.54 Add to Cart
Heat Blower $20.00 Add to Cart