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Hot Plate with Digital Thermostat Control

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Low Profile Hot Plates with Digital Controls

These low profile hot plates include many features found only in higher priced hot plates. These low profile, self-contained units are only 3-7/8". high, and are well suited for use under a microscope. Temperature is controlled with an accurate digital thermostat up to 500 F / 260C. The anodized aluminum plate maintains surface uniformity of < 2% of set point. Insulated finger rests assure operator comfort..

There is a two-week lead on these items.

Product Price
8" x 6" plate, 120V (overall size 3.875 H x 14W x 10" D) $1250.00 Add to Cart
16" x 6" plate, 120V (overall size 3.875 H x 22W x 10" D) $1450.00 Add to Cart
12" x 12" plate, 120V , (overall size 3.875 H X 18W X 16D) $1550.00 Add to Cart